The concept is based on the introduction to the most ancient method of cooking - on an open fire, and the interior uses natural materials: wool, leather and stone. A recognizable element of the design was a living olive tree.
Memo restaurant's menu is based on Mediterranean and Oriental dishes cooked on the grill, as well as in the Pompeian oven.
Among the snacks, it is worth highlighting the "grill ceviche" - an unusual reading of the traditional dish. It's also worth trying the signature Prime meat tenderloin Tartar, spicy coconut-carrot soup with shrimp and squid and naturally grilled octopus.
The Pompeian oven of the restaurant serves bread and traditional pastries of different peoples: pide, lahmajun and Focaccia. The largest section of the menu consists of grilled dishes - from steaks, kebabs and kebabs to khachapuri on a skewer. And one of the most interesting positions will be Doner, cooked on coals.
The summer terrace is opened! You are welcome!
Artem Zavarnitsin
Сhef of the restaurant
«This restaurant has a lot of opportunities of development: menu, concept, myself as a professional. That's exactly why I've moved to St Petersburg and started working at Memo.»
Working hours (hall & summer terrace):
Mon-Sun from 12 p.m. to 00 a.m.
Working hours of delivery service:
Mon-Sun from 11 a.m. to 09 p.m.